How Your Amarillo Handywomen Got Her Start

Through the years, I’ve had many creative influences along with a crafty mother and a “just try it, you can figure it out” father. My parents were always fixing up our home, whether it was a cosmetic modification or general maintenance, and I was always right there in the mix learning what to do (and sometimes what not to do)! We had so many friends, neighbors and family members knowledgeable in every skilled trade you could imagine. Sometimes life experiences are the greatest form of education.

Speaking of education, college years came and IMG-3798went without a clear view of my passion. My science degree took me into personal training which (in a roundabout way) led to a job in internet marketing. In the meantime, I bought a foreclosed home built in the 1920s and jumped full force into the renovations. The possibilities of what this home could transform into consumed my thoughts and I couldn’t wait to leave work to start on a new project. The largest hurdle was learning not to be scared to take on a risky undertaking for fear that something would go wrong. But through the fear, sweat, blood (drill bit through the thumb), and a few tears, the home was complete. 

Along with living in a construction zone most of my adult life (by choice), I love helping my family around their houses, even when I’m supposed to be on vacation. Yes, I do this for fun! Knowing how much joy this work brought me, along with all my other skills learned along the way, I realized I had to find a way to turn this passion into a career. Why not do what you love on a daily basis!? Why not make your passion, your hobby, your best skills, into your daily career. If you love it, you’ll make it work. As my grandpa always used to tell me, “Work hard, and make it work.”

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